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How to > Personalise Your Mac

You can personalise your Mac in a range of ways. Follow the steps below to make your Mac your own.

Step 1 - Change the desktop

You can customise your desktop image by either choosing one of the images provided by Apple or select one of your own images saved on your Mac. Simply go to Apple Icon > System Preferences >  Desktop and Screen Saver > Desktop. You can then choose an image from one of the Apple folders or from iPhoto (if you have images saved through iPhoto) or by clicking Folders > Pictures (for any images saved in your Pictures folder. You can also click the + folder to locate an image saved in a folder that is not listed.

Step 2 - Pick a new screensaver

You can customise your screensaver by either using photos or one of the screensaver options provided by Apple.  Simply go to Apple Icon > System Preferences >  Desktop and Screen Saver > Screensaver. You can then choose either an Apple screensaver or by scrolling down you can select images and events from iPhoto. You can also set the delay before the screensaver starts using the slider at the bottom.

Step 3 - Set your own homepage

When you open Safari (your web browser) it will open by default on the Apple homepage. To change this launch Safari then go to Safari > Preferences > General and type the URL (web address) of the page you want as your Homepage. There are a range of other settings that are worth exploring here.

Step 4 - Apps in your Dock

You will probably not need all the Apps located in your Dock (my example above shows how cluttered a Dock can become!). You can remove any of these shortcuts from your Dock by simply dragging the icon onto your desktop. It will not delete the app. You can add Apps, documents and folders by dragging their icon to the Dock. To do this first open Finder then locate the item you want to add to the Dock.

Step 5 - Alter your Dock settings

You can change the way your Dock behaves by going to Apple icon > Dock > Dock Preferences. Experiment with your settings.